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    1. What size should I order?

      In order to wear your baby as comfortably as possible you should order the proper size. If your hips measure between 24 and 40 inches, a small would be best. However if you have hips measuring 40+ inches and you have a long torso, you may find the large size more comfortable.

    2. Is the Sutemi Pack machine washable?

      (Machine wash, tumble dry, DO NOT BLEACH)

    3. What is the return policy?

      All refunds will be accepted, no exceptions. For a more detailed description of our return policy, see our shipping, exchanges & return policies.

    4. How much should I expect to pay for shipping?

      The average shipping charge within the US is $8.50. For a more detailed description of our shipping policies, see our shipping, exchanges & return policies.

    5. What does Sutemi mean?

      The name comes from Japanese martial arts such as aikido, where a person throws the whole body in order to resolve a conflict, or solve a problem. We chose to use this word as our carrier uses the whole body to carry, and move your baby.

      Also, the literal translation, as we understand, is “to throw away the body.” It is our desire to have a carrier design that connects the wearers body so closely with the child being carried, there are no longer two separate bodies, but only the act of moving as one. Therefore the body as we know it is thrown away.

    6. I’m wondering if you will be offering the Sutemi Pack in any other colors in the near future?

      Though there are no immediate plans to offer the sutemi pack in any additional colors, we hope to offer more color options down the road.

    7. Is the head rest the same color as the carrier, or is it in a coordinating fabric?

      The head cradles are color coordinated with the packs. The blue pack has a blue head cradle and the graphite pack has a light gray head cradle.

    8. How much are the head supports individually?

      Head cradles can be purchased individually for $10 each through our online store.

    9. I am 5ft 2 in. My husband is 6 ft tall. Will we be able to both use this pack?

The small could work for both of you as long as you are both within the hip measurements for the small (24-45 inches). As you get further apart in height however, it will be more and more difficult to both use the same pack.

All of the packs include a fairly long webbing, which allows the pack to be worn comfortably by a tall person with a narrow waist, but at a certain point, the padded area just won’t be long enough and a Long Straps model would probably work better.

10. I would like to get one of these in your pictures I saw a light pink one, how can I get one that color with a cream head support?

The packs shown in the picture gallery are not necessarily current offerings. We will be offering a clearance section at some point that will have some additional colors to our main product line, but for now only the colors available in our main store are available.