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sutemipack-navy-blueThe Sutemi Pack evenly distributes the weight of your child between your hips, shoulders and back allowing you to comfortably carry your child for long periods of time. With such great weight distribution it is perfect for all children, even toddlers.

The Sutemi Pack spreads the child’s legs out at hip level, which is essential for the development of the hip, pelvis and spine. The Sutemi Pack can be worn front, back or hip and allows for comfortable nursing.
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Hands Free: Comfortably holds your baby leaving your arms free to go about your daily activities.
Convenient: Lightweight and portable, the Sutemi Pack is perfect for use at home, while out running errands, or hiking/camping.

Because it is machine washable, caring for your Sutemi Pack is also easy and convenient.

Comfortable: The wide straps and waistband make it the world’s most comfortable baby carrier. By distributing the weight of your baby over the widest area possible, it makes wearing your child even for long periods of time a comfortable and easy experience.
Pockets: A small pocket on the shoulder band is the perfect size for a cell phone or other small item. It also includes a pouch on the front of the pack for carrying extra diapers or whatever you need while out and about with your child.
Nursing: The Sutemi Pack makes nursing a cinch with its low position and adjustable straps.
Flexibility: The Sutemi Pack is designed to be worn on the Front, Back or Hip making it a great carrier for a variety of activities.
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Head Cradle Included FREE

The head cradle acts as both a head cradle for a sleeping child, or extra back support for a larger child. Designed to be simply “scrunched” down and out of the way when it is not needed, it can easily be pulled up the shoulder straps for extra support when you need it. It is also designed to slip right off of the shoulder straps altogether if you don’t plan to use it for an extended period of time or for washing.

See pictures of the head cradle below, or see the picture gallery for more options.

The head cradle is also sold separately for $10. (for older packs)

Technical Specifications:

Waist Size: 24″ -45″ (small) 40″ – 64″ (large)
Baby Age: 3 months and older
Baby should have good head & neck control
Baby Weight: 16lbs to 60lbs
(This carrier should continue to work for as long as your baby wants to be carried … and you want to carry them)
Materials: The Sutemi Pack is made of a 100% cotton – (a soft 10oz brushed bull denim fabric), using high strength nylon thread, nylon webbing for superior strength and wear characteristics, and a blend of synthetic fibers for the breathable padding. The buckles on the Sutemi Pack are heavy duty acetal buckles made for reliable use even after years of use.


Sutemi Pack: $ 74.95
Shipping: Shipping costs will vary depending on where you live, but are usually less than $10.

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