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I wanted to drop an email to let you know how much I love your Sutemi Infant Carrier. I received it in the mail about a week ago, and could not be happier with my purchase. You see, we were in quite a predicament before I found your carrier online. My 5 month old daughter, Erica, was found to have Left Hip Dysplasia (genetic dislocation of the hip), and ended up having to undergo a surgical procedure which left her in a full Hip Spica cast from her tummy to her toes. We took her home from the hospital, and found that she didn’t fit into anything. She was too wide for her carseat, stroller, bouncy chair, and the baby Bjorn that I had carried her in since Birth. Erica was 17 pounds before the surgery, and 26 pounds after the casting!! I developed bruises on my hips from trying to carry her around. It was really hard. Then I found your Sutemi Pack on the internet, and decided to give it a try due to it’s larger weight capacity, and ability to carry baby on the front, side and back. WHAT A GOD SEND!! I find myself putting her in the pack anytime that I need to get anything done…cooking, laundry, running errands, etc. It is incredibly comfortable, and unbelievably supportive…even with a child in a Hip Spica cast!! I cannot thank you enough for helping to make our lives easier.

Tammie and Erica Sharpe

I wanted to send you an email and let you know about my Sutemi Pack. I ordered my carrier when I was about 7 months pregnant with my fourth and last child- that was about June/August of 2003. I knew almost immediately that it was the best carrier I had ever tried because I could wear my 2 year old on my back for 5 hours at a time without hurting or feeling uncomfortable and I did wear her until the day I gave birth in October 2003. Once my little one was born, I switched over to a Maya Wrap for the infant stage and wore the baby in the Maya Wrap while my 2 year old enjoyed her time in the Sutemi Pack on my back. Everywhere I went I had both my carriers. When my littlest was about 6 or 7 months old and sitting on her own, I started wearing her in the Sutemi pack, in fact, she took turns with her sister. My littlest is now 2 1/2 years old and still rides in the Sutemi Pack every single day. We walk her older siblings to and from school for a total of 54 blocks a day. Sometimes, she wants to run and her 4 year old sister hitches a ride in the carrier but most of the time she is in there, cuddled in, looking around or napping. No matter where I go, I get the same question: “Where did you get that, it looks so much better than my carrier.” And then I tell them. I just wanted to let you know that I am a dedicated Sutemi Pack parent and ours is still going strong. I have two pregnant friends and though I can pass my Maya Wrap on them for the early months now that I have no more little babies, I won’t be ready to let go of my Sutemi Pack for another couple of years so I am passing them on to your website. In fact, I leave this Sunday to take a train across the country (I am in Portland, OR) to North Carolina to visit family and the Sutemi Pack was just washed so that it will be ready to go. My daughter waited for it to leave the dryer to make sure that it was ready- she was quite concerned that it wouldn’t be ready.
Thank you for designing a carrier that truly does it’s job. I have tried the following carriers only to find that they bring way too much back pressure and pain: Ergo, Nojo, Snugli, Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, Baby Bundler, Hip Hammock, New Native and more- including local carriers and, hands down, the best is the Sutemi Pack. When they are little it is the Maya Wrap for the cradling and nestling that it provides but once they can sit on their own they live in the Sutemi Pack. I’m sorry it took this long to write and tell you how much I appreciate having a very good carrier. It is in use daily and well loved by our family, my husband who didn’t like wearing the children due to a bad back, loves the Sutemi Pack and it is so nice to finally have something that he too can use.
Keeping the baby/child wearer tradition going is important and I appreciate you creating such a great form to wear a child.

Take care and be well…

Jessica Peill-Meininghaus

I had tried so many baby carriers; from the regularly priced to the really expensive ones and I still did not like any of them. One day I came upon the Sutemi gear website and I thought, there’s nothing to lose trying it and it was good to know that if I was not satisfied with it for any reason, I could send it back. I bought the Sutemi carrier and all I can say is “WOW”. I have had it for a while now and my husband who never liked any of the ones I had bought, actually uses it to carry our son. My son is going on 18 months and the gear supports him, no matter how heavy he gets and it is absolutely and highly comfortable for me and my husband to use. All my friends who see it love it and have actually bought it. I would recommend it to any and every one. Good job guys.

Abi – Chicago, IL

I am LOVIN’ my carrier. This is the best one yet!


I can not say how much I LOVE This carrier……It is so much better than any other I have had. My 24 pound, almost 7 month old likes to sit facing me even! Its great!! Thanks!


We got the sutemi pack and we love it! Our two-year old daughter happily rides in it, while I happily hike. It�s an excellent and simple design. Thank you!


I just wanted to let you know how much I love our Sutemi pack. We use it with our 11 month old daughter all the time and have done so since she was about 4 months. She loves to ride around snuggled close to us, whether in front or in the back, and especially loves to nurse while we are on walks. I often reccomend this carrier to customers who come into a kid’s store that I work in once a week, as I think it is the best one on the market for older babies (we used the Moby Wrap when she was little). I have attached several pictures of us using the pack, including one of her riding along with her grandpa Bob. Thanks for the great design!

mama Simcha, baby Amaya and papa Ward

Hi! I wanted to write and let you know how much I LOVE my Sutemi carrier. I got it a week ago, and since then I’ve been using it constantly with my 6 month old, 20 pound son.
He adores being carried — always has — but wearing him has been a struggle for me. I had a c-section, so the sling never worked for us because of the pressure it put on the incision …
I’m happy to say that we both really enjoy the carrier. …
I’d love to get instructions for putting my baby on my back by myself, and it would be great to get some more cards — I’ve given all mine away to folks who wanted to know more about my cool carrier!
Thanks for saving my back and for making such a wonderful product!

Jennifer Johnson

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU! I took delivery of my baby carrier nearly two weeks ago and have not looked back yet. It is so easy to use (by myself) and it is now a breeze to take my nearly 3 year old and 9 month old baby out on my own. It is the most comfortable carrier I have used and baby Denver goes to sleep within 10 minutes every time. It�s great to be able to do the shopping, have hold of Ashley�s hand and be cuddling Denver the whole time. What a fantastic product. I wish I had found this one when my first born (now 11) was a baby. Thanks once again, for making my life easier.

Janelle, Darwin NT Australia

I had to email you and tell you that I am another very satisfied customer! I have arthritis and a chronic disease that makes my muscles and joints quite sore. I tried to use the Maya but the learning curve was just too high for my puny brain I guess! I used a Baby Bjorn I borrowed from my sister in law for a while which was OK but my daughter is very big for her age and my back and shoulders were REALLY hurting from it.

I saw your satisfaction guarantee and your other testimonials so I had to try the Sutemi. I’m SO glad I did. I am not sore at all when I carry my daughter and she is now a tall 19 lbs of joy. People talk to her in the carrier all the time and she loves the attention. People compliment me on the carrier all the time and ask me about it. I tell them how wonderful it is at every chance I get. Thank you for helping me continue to wear my daughter despite my disability!

Jen from Long Island New York


I just wanted to say that I really enjoy using my Sutemi Pack Baby Carrier. My son outgrew the front carrier we had at six months and so I started hunting around for a carrier that would hold his weight, and especially one that would allow me to carry my son while I was pregnant. Well, here I am at six months pregnant and I carry my 13 month old son around quite a bit in my Sutemi Gear. I use the side position as it is the most comfortable. I am very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone!

Robyn in Oklahoma

I wondered if it would be at all possible to get more of your cards. I use your sutemi pack all the time and people are always asking me about it. I was keeping the few cards I had in the small pocket of the pack but I ran out of the quickly…
Thank you so much.

Jamie Morrisseau

I just received my sutemi pack today and put my 4 month old baby in right away, and had to send this email to let you know my thoughts. I have a baby who demands to be carried, most all of the time. I received the baby bjorn as a shower gift and after a couple of days my baby seems to like it-but my shoulders get quite sore after a short time. I have tried the maya wrap, playtex hip hammock and maya sling and they have either not been comfortable or felt secure for me or my baby. So I put my baby in the sutemi pack and went for a walk, he actually started to fall asleep, without making a peep!!! I then kept walking and he took his nap right in the pack-and I never felt uncomfortable. In fact, the support is great. I have finally found the pack for me and my baby!! Thanks for making such a great product for baby and mom.Could you please send me the instructions for putting the baby in the back pack (for when I get more experienced). I am looking forward to carrying my baby for many miles.

Jennifer Aldrich

I got my Sutemi yesterday…it feels great! It’s so much more comfortable than my backpack…and so far, Xander has fallen asleep all three times he’s been in it.

Take care, and thanks again.

Jennifer Kirkby

My midwife recommended I look into your product due to my GIGANTIC baby born 10lbs, now weighs in at 15lbs just 7 weeks later! So we’ve obviously eclipsed the weight load (if you’d like to keep your spine in tact) for my trusty Baby Bjorn, which I used for my first child as well. I went ahead and ordered a Sutemi Pack, received it today, and it is perfect!!It is immeasurably more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn, and way more flattering. And for a girl like me with a little heft, it’s nice not having some narrow strapage digging into and thus amplifying my humble love handles.
I am absolutely going to recommend this carrier to all my mama (and papa) pals. Cheers to the engineers!

Jenny St. Cyr In Seattle

I received my Sutemi Pack on tuesday and have used it every day since. I absolutely love it. It’s sunday and have finally had it off my body long enough to put it through the wash as is suggested. Since my son (6 months) was born, I’ve used four different slings and the Sutemi is definitely my favorite. Getting my baby into it is quick and easy and it is very comfortable to wear. And to think i wasn’t going to buy it because i thought the Sutemi couldn’t be any different than the others! Add me to your list of customers for whom the Sutemi was the last carrier they needed to buy. Thank you!

Arizona Lagousakos

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your baby carrier – it is absolutely fantastic.What a fantastic choice we made. Our daughter loves being carried in it and we love carrying her. It is so comfortable and safe. I just feel a bit cheated that I didn’t get one earlier! Thanks again.

Keren Riley

I just had to let you know how much I absolutely love my Sutemi pack! I have two sons and have tried the Bjorn, the Snugli, two different kinds of slings, a wraparound from Australia, a baby backpack, and a buckling thingy from Africa. I have neck, shoulder and back problems but was determined to carry both of my boys. I wish I had found the Sutemi pack sooner, since my boys are so big (both were around 20 lbs by six months old) but since I got it, life has been so much easier! It’s very easy to use, my son loves it and it’s actually comfortable! Shay (my second born) loves it, and so does his brother Cole, because my hands are free to play with him! Shay is now one year old but still spends plenty of time in the pack in between sprinting across the house on his chubby little legs. I recommend the Sutemi to everyone and have been stopped almost every time I go out by people who say how comfortable Shay and I both look. My chiropractor, who has adjusted my back A LOT through both boys, liked it so much he bought one for his wife when their baby daughter was born! The construction is great (yes, I’ve more than oneof my many carriers fall apart on me), and we couldn’t be happier. My husband was thrilled, because I haven’t had to buy another carrier since I got my Sutemi!Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

With Warmest Regards,
Krissy Huetz and her happy, well-worn boys

Krissy Huetz

I just had to write and tell you how much my family LOVES our Sutemi!!! My son is almost 18 months old, and about 23 pounds. He has short legs, and I have back problems. I tried carrying him in a traditional sling, like I carried his sister, but his short legs made it uncomfortable for him. Then I tried a backpack carrier, but that was uncomfortable for me. I tried a wrap-style carrier, but neither of us was comfortable with that. I hated to spend more money on yet another carrier, but got a Sutemi to try…. Well, we absolutely adore it!! I can carry my son on my hip or in the front, and we are both completely comfortable! He’s so securely held, I can help his big sister with things without worrying he’ll slip and fall out. And I can carry him a loooong time, so my husband doesn’t have to take over! This past weekend we took a day trip to Washington, DC, for an ice show. I carried my son though the parking garage, up the stairs, on the Metro (for almost an hour), several blocks to the theater, and down many stairs to our seats. My son fell asleep toward the show, so with my husband’s help I strapped my son back into the Sutemi (still asleep) and carried him the entire return trip– still sleeping! He didn’t even wake when we got him to the car and took him out of the Sutemi! And even better, when I took the Sutemi off, I wasn’t sore in the least- I couldn’t even tell I had been using a carrier! Add to that the Sutemi is soft, washable, and packs up small enough to fit in our diaper bag, and has those super convenient pockets– could there be any more perfect carrier??? Thank you, thank you, for a fabulous product worth its weight in gold!!!

Kimberly, Erik, Kendra, and Harris– Sutemi Baby!!

The Nesteruk Family

Being able to walk with my son around the neighborhood has been a complete blessing. By the end of the summer, who knows, I may need the small. (LOL)

David Nienaber

Just wanted to let you know that we received our Sutemigear on Friday and we absolutely love it. I am 6’3″, 270 pounds and a stay at home dad. I tried many products but none of them fit me and all were uncomfortable. My son absolutely loves being in the pocket and I love the way we can be together while shopping and doing errands. I belong to a stay at home Dads club and I passed out all the business cards on the first day I wore the carrier to a play group. Way to go! This is a fabulous product!

Very thankful,

David Nienaber


My pack reached New Delhi safely today, and thanks a lot too for our favorite Weleda cream along with it…my daughter of course loves the pack and I can’t wait to try it out full throttle!

With many thanks and again – I wished I had known about the pack earlier…it is by FAR the best I tried when wearing my baby…

So, regards from New Delhi –

From yet another happy customer 🙂

M. J. W.


Hello Sutemi Gear Folks!

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Sutemi! It arrived quickly and we have been using it for a few months now. Maddie is 13 months (25 lbs) and this carrier is so easy to use with her. Since we received it we have used it walking along the beach, boardwalk, mall, grocery store, out for a stroll, etc. She especially loves falling asleep in it. All positions have been great to carry her in. My personal preference is the hip carry. The pocket is great to store tissues, keys, wallet, or whatever your needs are. This is truly a UNIQUE carrier. It allows you to be close to your child and move with ease. It’s durable, flexible, and washes up great. This carrier’s best quality to me is the fact that your back does not take the bulk of the weight…it truly displaces the weight of your child and it is so comfortable to use for long periods of time!

Thanks for making such a great product!

jennifer morrison

…to make this long and expensive story short – the Sutemi is BY FAR the best I have tried ever, and I will strongly recommend it to everyone who wishes to know about it. Even now that our daughter is almost fifteen months old, her weight hardly matters when carrying her…I TRULY WISHED I HAD SEEN IT EARLIER!!!

Finally, also the customer-care you provide is outstanding.

Two thumbs up and many thanks!

M. J. W.

Hello. I just wanted to say that I have used my Sutemi Pack everyday since receiving it. I did research on the Hip Baby by Walking Rock Farm, Ergo Baby Carrier as well as the Sutemi Pack. After reading various reviews, I decided upon your baby carrier and I am so glad I did. I am able to hold my 9 month old daughter that weighs 25lbs. for a long while without tiring. This product has made mine and my child’s life so enjoyable. I love having her close to me and able to be hands free. She is so comfortable in it and I am very comfortable wearing her. I wish I found your product earlier. I use the cell phone pocket to clip a toy to it (rather than have the cell phone radiation by my babies head). The front pocket is very handy for wallet, keys, etc.

I love my Sutemi Pack. Thank you for your quick service, as well.

Yolanda Zambon

I LOVE MY NEW PACK I have only had it 24 hours but my 14 month old son has already spent 4hrs in it and he loves it too! Thank you for creating the solution to all those other carriers that “weight out” at 20+ pounds! It is such a joy to hold my older baby close again.


Dear Sutemi Gear folks,

Thanks for such a wonderfully-made carrier, our Emma thoroughly enjoyed the first second in it. My husband says he’ll definitely wear it.

Thanks! …

Ilse (Bill & Emma)

I’m writing to thank you so much for creating this FANTASTIC baby carrier. I wore it for the first time yesterday, and it was sooooooo comfortable.

I carried my daughter around for two hours without being at all uncomfortable. She even fell asleep. The Sutemi Pack does not hurt your shoulders at all.

I, of course, showed the Sutemi to my friends here in Rome, Italy, and after trying it on, they all wanted to order one too. Once again thank you for an excellent product.

Best Regards.

Dawn Ciano, Rome, Italy

I normally wouldn’t be writing to commend any product but this baby carrier is exceptional! I have tried the Baby Bjorn, the New Native sling (which I loved when my son was younger but he’s too heavy for now), the Ella Roo, and the Ergo. This carrier is absolutely fantastic! The Ella Roo is comfy but a challenge to use. And after months of use I still am unable to do any carry other than the front carry. The Sutemi is so much more comfortable than the Ergo and easier to use. I didn’t feel safe carrying my 8 month old, 23 pound son in the back position in the Ergo because the pocket wasn’t deep and I felt like he was going to fall out. Not so with the Sutemi. The pouch is much bigger and more secure and the head cradle is easy to use for when he sleeps. The head cradle on the Ergo requires 2 people to use (unless you happen to by Gumby) and it looked to me like it would suffocate the child. I wish I had known about this when my son was born, I feel like I’ve lost out on valuable time carrying my little guy since I know he won’t want to be carried forever… We’re making up for it now and we both love it.

Thanks for such a wonderful product. I’m telling all my young parent friends about it…

In much appreciation,

The Roes’

The Roes’

I just wanted to say that I am a very happy customer! My baby was getting so heavy that the other carriers I had were making my back sore. The Sutemi carrier is so much more comfortable than the front pack or the sling and my baby seems to like it a lot better than the others: he falls asleep easily in the front position, and gets to see what I am doing in the hip position.


Shawna Macneale

Hi, Thank you very much for sending my sutemi pack! It arrived yesterday afternoon and we took a long walk on the beach with no screaming! So baby LOVED the pack. Thanks again!

Jenny Rundgren

WOW… this carrier is just AMAZING! I highly recommend it to ANYONE.

After trying several slings, a frame backpack, another popular back carrier, a baby back tie type carrier, and even a long peice of fabric to try and tie my 25 pound son on me comfortably I had about given up hope… then someone said there was a new carrier on the market. I was skeptical it would work for me. Every other carrier made me hurt so bad after about 5-10 mintues. Well the first day I got the Sutemi Pack I easily put him on my back and my front by myself and I wore my son for 2 hours on my back with NO pain what so ever!

It didn’t even feel like he was there, except when he pulled my hair! I was so amazed and exctied! I cooked dinner and vaccumed! My husband was SO happy to come home and see that I had actually got something DONE!

I will never use another carrier again! The customer service also cannot be beat! If there is a problem they will find a way to fix it for you, if you don’t like it you can send it back for a full refund, there is no risk to try it, except that you will fall in love with it and want to get rid of all your other carriers!

Very fast and friendly service. I cannot rave about this pack or this company enough, Thank you Sutemi!!!

Jessica Middleton

This pack is fantastic! My 10 pound baby was born by cesearean, so i have had to be really careful about how I carry her as she has continued to get bigger and bigger!

I’ve tried other carriers, even ones that put the weight on my hips rather than my back, but the wide straps on this pack seem to be unique! They really help so much – I’ve been able to walk with my daughter for much longer periods of time, and she falls asleep almost every time! Thank you, Sutemi!

alissa alexandra

I love carrying my one year old daughter, but as she has grown heavier (she’s approx. 26 pounds), I have had to try a number of carriers to try and find one that is comfortable for both of us, is versatile, and allows us to nurse without much adjustment. There are a couple that came close, but were lacking in some significant aspect.

The Sutemi Pack was a sigh of relief – you got it right.

Debra Spangler

At 5.5 months our son weighed 24 pounds so it was essential for us to find a carrier that wouldn’t break my back.

After trying several different carriers I have finally found the carrier that suits our needs. I’ve tried many other carriers, from hip packs, and slings to the expensive frame backpack we bought but none were nearly as comfortable for me or my son who would complain after long amounts of time in other carriers.

The Sutemi Pack is even comfortable for long hikes in the mountains! I love this pack!!

Laney Boulevard

I got my Sutemi Pack a few days ago and OMG it is AWESOME! I hated the Ergo.. it hurt me everywhere but with this I don’t even FEEL like I’m wearing Ryan, Seriously feels like he’s not even there! It is wonderful, front and back!!!

It is very well made and the material seems strong and yet soft.

I just thought I’d let you guys know in case anyone was looking for an AWESOME carrier! I wore this for a long walk and then kept him on while I cooked dinner (bout 2 hours) and I was not sore in the least or tired, I think I could have wore it all day! It’s also VERY easy to get on and off!


Well, I have had an opportunity to try out a new Ergo, and a new Sutemi, and the winner for me is … The Sutemi.

I find the waist area less hard and bulky as compared to the Ergo, and I don’t much mind the crossing straps in the front. I find the pack comfy and not hot or scratchy. It is fabulous in both the back and front carry, and would work with a small young baby as well as an older one, whereas my son at 23# and 8 months feels “just” ready for the Ergo. It does accentuate floppy lactating breasts, but oh well YK? I still wear it out in public. For housework it really rocks.

I keep meaning to post on this so now is as good a time as any! My dd is about the same size as yours, avg ht/21#/15 mos. I think the Sutemi Pack is VERY comfortable for front carry and also comfortable for back carry. It feels very secure and my dd doesn’t seem to be able to flip backward like she can in the Ergo. The straps are very wide and cross over in front for back carry. This seems ok to me so far, but some wouldn’t like that. The head cradle holds my dd’s head in better, b/c she can slip out sideways with the Ergo sleep hood however in back carry you cannot pull the head cradle up by
yourself. The waistband is soft and comfy, not stiff like the Ergo.

Comparatively, my Ergo is not quite as comfortable as I’d like it to be but thankfully I don’t have the problem of my arms going numb). I use my Ergo quite often but not for more than 1.5 hours like some people do.


I really like this carrier.

I got ds in it (on the back, I was able to do it by myself) this
morning I took he dog and the trash bag out.
This is a big deal for me because we are on a third floor complex so taking the dog (On a leash), the Trash bag and DS at the same time is a task. But this
morning was a breeze. And DS was having a good time I could see his
little head trying to look over my shoulder, CUTE.

On Saturday is laundry Day so I am looking forward to using my Sutemi
again. I think is going to be so much easier now. The washers and
dryers are on the first floor but with the sutemi I am going to have
my hands totally FREE to carry my big basket and detergents.

The carrier is very comfortable (Better than the evneflo Trail Blazer I have)and easy to use. DS is 26# and I didn’t feel his weight as much. I really recommend this carrier even if you have an older child. The front position was also VERY comfortable Better than the Baby Bjorn I have.

I have the dark blue color, I wanted something that DH would be able
to use (He won’t use the Zolo because of the tail LOL). So I hope he
uses this one.


Speaking as a physical therapist, two aspects of the Sutemi Pack really stand out for me. First: the seat portion of the pack is very wide giving full support to the infant’s pelvis and legs; this provides optimal anatomical positioning for the developing hips and spine of the infant. It also supports the legs of the older baby from dangling and bumping into the parent’s (wearer) legs during walks.

Second: the Sutemi Pack design distributes so much weight to the hips of the (wearer) that one actually bears very little weight through the shoulders. This is excellent for persons with neck and shoulder pain or weakness. I am excited to have this carrier to demo for my babywearing clients!

Terrie Abrahamson PT
Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Babywearing Consultant

Terrie Abrahamson, PT

Ok, I just got a new Terracotta Sutemi basic model and I love love love this carrier. No, it’s not pretty but it’s soft and distributes my childs weight so well.

My child is 7 months, 22lbs and about 28/29 inches long. This was the 3rd time we’d used the carrier and the first time for more than 10 minutes. He fell right to sleep in their and was carressing my arms until he was deep asleep. so sweet. now, keep in mind that we have tried and failed at back carries in both pseudo diddy because ds hated being fussed with and a podeagi cause it gave me mastitis. so this was awsome!!!


Well My son is 7 months 22/23 lbs and 28 or so inches long. We have a Sutemi Pack that we both just adore. He has hated both the Podeagi and wrap around carriers I’ve tried for back carries. But everytime I put him in the Sutemi he’s fallen asleep. It distributes his weight really well and I just can’t say enough good things about this carrier.


Well, you have at least one totally satisfied customer!

Actually 2, because Sam loves it too!

Before I was an occasional baby wearer at best, but as soon as I got it, it just makes sense to wear him around while I get things done. Last night he slept in it at the choir concert, and this morning we went walking and grocery shopping, and I think we’ll do some laundry later. Not something I could ever manage with a sling.

I love that there’s no adjustment, or ‘learning to trust it’ period. It just works.

Kristin Belcher

I hurt my shoulder a couple years ago and it never really healed properly. When I became a dad, carrying my baby was essential for me. All the carriers I tried hurt my shoulder, so I mostly used carriers which only go over one shoulder, my good shoulder. But over time, the off center weight started to take its toll on my back.

Luckily I started using the Sutemi Pack, and it’s totally saved me. The wide straps and geometry of the carrier put little weight on my shoulders, and the weight that is there, is spread out so widely I don’t have any pain from it.

Great carrier!

Jake Levine