Red Devils aggressively close the deal “Martinez” before this Friday

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Hurry up! Manchester United are hoping to sign Argentine defender Lisandro Martinez. Give asap before this friday. To bring the army to travel to fight in the red boil duel against Liverpool in Thailand on July 12

Red Devils aggressively close the deal "Martinez" before this Friday

The movement of the football market in the English Premier League. The 2022/23 season, where many teams are actively reinforcing the latest “Red Devils” Manchester United. A giant club of the British Isles. Who are negotiating to grab Lisandro Martinez. Defender of the Ajax team in Amsterdam, the top team in the Holland League. Joining the army is not yet done well.

For problems that cause this deal of the Red Devils army to stumble a little Due to the proposed money for Ajax Amsterdam. The Dutch league championship at 45 million euros, or approximately 1,690 million baht in Thai money, Ajax is still not satisfied with the demand for the Argentine national team players. Tina, not less than 50 million euros, or approximately 1,878 million baht in Thai baht.

New Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag originally hoped to bring in former Dutch defender Yerrian Timber, but the 21-year-old changed his mind to join Ajax. XX Amsterdam followed after Holland head coach Louis van Gaal said that if he moved the club would have stopped the national team. World Cup kit Because he did not play continuously if he had to switch with Harry Maguire, Raphael Varane and Victor Lindelof on the field

In such cases, The new boss of the army, “Red Devils” must find a defense that he can trust to join the army instead, that is, Lisandro Martinez, the Argentine defender. Although he is only 175 cm tall, he can play the ball well in the air. and ready to move the team to play in the Premier League He has also worked with Eric Ten Hag in the past.

Recently, the Telegraph, the famous Dutch media. News reports that Manchester United are trying to expedite the closing of the deal to grab Martinez to join the team until Friday July 8. So that he can travel to join the army to play the pre-season game. N In the red-hot battle “The Match Bangkok Century Cup 2022” in Bangkok, Thailand, including the UFABET game Australia too