10 cancer-fighting foods The more you eat, the stronger it gets!

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No one wants to get cancer, right? But will buy medicine Or dietary supplements, you are not sure about their effectiveness, side effects, or even the exorbitant price. Sanook! Health therefore recommends simple foods. Can be found in the market But it can fight cancer. Come and choose to eat as you like.

10 cancer-fighting foods The more you eat, the stronger it gets!

What is cancer?

Cancer is a type of disease that arises from abnormal cells in the body. These cells will grow faster than normal. The body cannot control it, so these abnormal cells can spread and spread throughout the body. Effect on normal cells of tissues including various organs Unable to work normally Causes disease and has various symptoms. happened next If cancer occurs in important organs or the cancer cells have spread into important organs causing that organ to fail and not function properly Until it may eventually cause death. Important organs that may be targeted by cancer cells include the liver, lungs, brain, bones, bone marrow, ยูฟ่าเบท and kidneys.

How does cancer happen?

The cause of cancer is not clearly known and how it occurs and how it spreads. But today, doctors have researched and found many risk factors that may cause cancer. It is believed that the cause probably comes from a combination of risk factors. Very little happens from a single factor. The important risk factors for cancer include..

  • have a genetic abnormality It can occur from genetics that is passed on and not passed on.
  • smoking
  • drinking
  • Lack of essential nutrients for the body
  • Lack of eating vegetables and fruits
  • Eat fatty foods or red meat on a regular basis
  • Regularly inhaling certain toxins
  • The body receives heavy metals from breathing, food and/or drinking water, such as mercury.
  • Infection with certain viruses, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and human papillomavirus (HPV).
  • Infection with certain bacteria, such as H. pylori in the stomach.
  • Infection with certain types of parasites, such as liver flukes.
  • Use of hormonal drugs continuously for a long period of time
  • in the elderly Due to increasing age Cells in the elderly are constantly degenerating and repairing themselves. Therefore causing cells to easily mutate into cancer cells.

How is cancer different from tumor?

Some people may still be wondering what the difference is between having cancer and having a tumor. Now let’s talk about the differences between the two symptoms clearly. Cancer is different from a tumor in that cancerous lumps or wounds spread into nearby organs more quickly. into the remaining lymph nodes spread into blood vessels enter the bloodstream as well as lymphatic vessels continuing to various organs all over the body It often spreads to the lungs, liver, brain, bones, and bone marrow. Therefore, cancer can be seen as a chronic, severe disease that requires complex and continuous treatment.

Tumors or tumor diseases, which include the presence of abnormal lumps. It is different from a cancerous tumor in that it grows slowly. Does not spread into tissues or nearby organs It does not spread into the lymph nodes. Does not spread through the bloodstream As well as the lymphatic flow, therefore, tumors can be cured by surgery.
This time, knowing the origin of cancer Let’s see what types of eating will help us stay away. Or have a lower risk of getting cancer…

1. Vegetables

There are many types of vegetables that help reduce the risk of cancer. Because it is rich in antioxidants such as

– Dark-colored vegetables, whether green, orange, red, or purple, such as spinach, carrots, and tomatoes.

– Various cabbages such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower

– Onions and garlic

2. Beans , whether soybeans, mung beans, black beans, red beans, peanuts, which not only help fight cancer but are also good for health because they are rich in good protein. and natural dietary fiber It is also convenient to excrete.

3. Various grains such as oats, barley, corn, wheat are good for fighting cancer. Vitamin B is fine. It’s great for lowering blood pressure.

4. Seaweed is a good source of minerals. Filled with many nutrients that are good for the body. There are many types to choose from. But you should choose to eat alternating types continuously. You shouldn’t eat one type of seaweed for too long in a row. Or anyone who wants to try sea grapes is good. The trend is coming.

5. Berries Both strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries are delicious and refreshing. and has many benefits Both various vitamins and dietary fiber Eat it fresh to get the highest value.

6. Cold-water fish are mostly sea fish, such as salmon, which has omega-3 and fats that are good for the body, cod, mackerel, and sardines.

7. Various spices such as goji berry (or goji berry), pepper, garlic, onion, ginger, rosemary can be used in cooking or eaten fresh (if edible) to help fight cancer. and stimulate the body’s immunity as well

8. Yogurt is not just beneficial for excretion. and can only help control weight but also helps fight cancer Because there are free radicals Helps blood circulation and slow down the degeneration of cells in the body Or try Greek yogurt. that is more concentrated more nutrients And there are probiotics that are better at reducing the chance of vaginal yeast infection.

9. Various mushrooms , such as shiitake mushrooms, straw mushrooms, oringi mushrooms, and others, help inhibit many types of cancer cells. Contains dietary fiber that helps with digestion and making excretion easier There are also various vitamins. That’s good for the body as well.

10. Ordinary drinking water . Clean drinking water helps blood flow more smoothly. It is an important medium that makes cells in the body work efficiently. Including bringing waste out of the body better as well.

Can cancer be cured or not?

Don’t worry just yet. For anyone who has ever heard that cancer is a disease that cannot be cured. or is a disease that is difficult to cure Because as far as information about cancer has been researched, it has been found that this disease is a disease that can be cured. But all this The chance of cure depends on the following factors..

  • Stage of disease
  • cancer cell type
  • Method of treatment: Can surgery be performed? If surgery is possible, will the entire tumor be removed?
  • Types of cancer found in patients It is a type that is resistant to radiotherapy. and/or chemotherapy And/or does the drug used to treat the target or not?
  • Age range
  • patient health

If we were to explain it visually, Overall, survival rates for people with cancer are approximately 5 years after treatment. Divided into details as follows ..

  • Stage 0 cancer has a 90 – 95% chance of being cured.
  • Stage 1 cancer has a 70 – 90% chance of being cured.
  • Stage 2 cancer has a 70 – 80% chance of being cured.
  • Stage 3 cancer has a 20 – 60% chance of being cured.
  • Stage 4 cancer has a 0 – 15% chance of being cured.

How will doctors know if you have cancer?

To know whether a patient undergoing treatment has cancer or not, the doctor can check from the history of the patient’s various symptoms, physical examination, and tissue examination. or organs with symptoms Passed an x-ray examination or computer x-ray or MRI But if you want to know the accurate results The doctor will perform a drill. or suck cells from a lump of tissue for cytological examination. Or cut a piece of tissue from the lump for pathological examination by a specialist doctor.

Do you see that every kind of food is all around us? Just steamed fish, boiled vegetables, chili paste, soup, mushroom salad, topped with a smoothie. Everything tastes good. and useful at an affordable price Therefore, let’s change our eating habits. It’s better for good health together.