How to “eat-sleep” to stay away from “obesity”

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while working from home Many people are not very active. Because I can’t go anywhere and have to work on the screen Rarely moved. Even if you move, there are all sorts of snacks, drinks, and the more late the night the more hungry. Become addicted to eating a lot and stay up late. As a result, body weight rises unconsciously. It’s time to take care of your health and adjust your lifestyle mode. Because the silent threat from obesity may come knocking on the door of the UFABET house.

How to "eat-sleep" to stay away from "obesity"

How do you know you are obese?

Dr. Phattharadej Jiamsawangporn, skin specialist Masterpiece Hospital explains, “Obesity can occur for many reasons. from eating behavior energy consumption during the day unbalanced exercise by eating more than using energy Or it’s easy to notice that whenever we have an excess Or there is a change in shape, such as having a protruding belly, which means that the metabolic system in the body starts to decrease. It’s a sign that we’re having problems with obesity. Which will come with the aging process of the body (Aging Process) as well, including some people caused by heredity That is, if the parents are obese. Children born are also more likely to be obese. In some people, it may not be caused by heredity. But it is a chronic non-communicable disease (NCD) such as diabetes , thyroid or a low metabolic system in the body. makes the body more fat.”

However, obesity status can be initially assessed from body mass index (BMI), calculated from body weight in kilograms. Divided by height in meters (squared). If the body mass index exceeds 23, it is considered to be overweight. But if the number reaches level 25, it is considered to be obesity level 1.

when he realized that he was overweight

Of course, many people, when they realize that they are overweight, start dieting. In addition to eating less You also have to choose quality food as well, for example, eat less, but if you eat sweet water. Sugar-sweetened beverages Can’t make it back to be thin Or eat at the wrong time, such as dinner, but eat foods that contain high-energy flour and sugar after 6 p.m. Metabolism is quite low. In this way, weight loss will not be as effective as it should be.

What to do first for optimal weight management Between controlling eating and exercising is eating because the body can receive all the energy from eating only. While exercising, such as running, going to the gym or swimming, is considered an energy expenditure. by exercise There are advantages in addition to helping to reduce the amount of bad fat (LDL) triglycerides. and cholesterol It also increases the amount of good fat (HDL) as well, which is actually We can use energy in many different ways. Even when we are not exercising, such as talking, sleeping, just using less energy, so the key to losing weight is that we can control our eating. which is the only way to obtain energy We will be able to control most of our body’s metabolism.

Just eat well and you won’t go down in your belly.

Adjusting eating habits is the key to helping to avoid obesity. This includes diet control, diet control, food quality, amount of food and timing of meals. Carbohydrate-containing foods are the key to the body’s rapid aging process. performance of various systems in the body decreased Including the risk of obesity as well Therefore, you should eat the right amount of carbohydrates. Eating in the morning is the best and can eat the most. because it stimulates thyroid hormones Increase metabolism in the body

In general, the best food proportion in 1 meal is breakfast should contain about 50% of vegetables and fruits that are not too sweet, have no more than 25% of carbohydrates from rice or flour, and the rest 25% of protein and fat. Noon should reduce the proportion of carbohydrates less. And dinner should not contain carbohydrates or sugar at all, for example, adding vegetables, fruits, protein and fat. The important thing is not to eat after 6 pm onwards.

However, the proportion of each meal depends on energy consumption. And in the evening, must look at the activities and time of each person’s bedtime, such as taking a walk, reading a book, and going to bed late. can focus on the proportion of vegetables and fruits more or if a person sleeps late, requires a lot of energy Increasing the proportion of protein would be more appropriate. Therefore, you should eat food that is suitable for energy consumption. If you eat a lot, you need to exercise or do activities that use a lot of energy. Especially if someone who doesn’t have time has to control both quality and quantity of food appropriately.

Late sleep makes you fat,  is it true?

It is true that Staying up late on a regular basis can lead to weight gain and obesity risk. Because our human body has a hunger center and a satiety center working together as a mechanism in the hypothalamus part of the brain. (Hypothalamus) is like an on-off switch that takes care of the cycle of hunger and fullness.

If we go to bed around 10 p.m. and can fall asleep before 11 p.m., the hunger center and the full center will function normally. The metabolic system works well. In addition to helping to keep a good shape. If you have a deep sleep between midnight and 1am, which the growth hormone secretes well. It also results in good skin and helps slow aging as well. But at the same time, if you sleep later than that, for example, sleep over 11 pm onwards Every hormone secretion in the body will be distorted. Especially if you don’t get growth hormone during deep sleep. The body goes into the aging process. decreased metabolic process cause weight gain unusual proportions Especially if it’s a child in growing age. The body is not very tall because not getting enough growth hormone

When you can be fat, you can be thin.

In addition to modifying eating habits through diet, exercise, energy expenditure and sleep. Some people with obesity may not be able to control and lose weight on their own. able to see a doctor for advice and appropriate treatment Because sometimes obesity is not caused by diet and exercise alone. May be caused by disease or congenital Behavior modification is difficult. May require a specialist doctor for a comprehensive treatment.