Keep your mind from eating little by little with 4 tricks from a Japanese caterer.

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Snacks and snacks contain nutrients in addition to the three main meals that keep people in a happy mood. and relief from stress. However, eating too many snacks can lead to weight gain. And may be detrimental to health if there is a congenital disease such as Diabetes and high blood pressure, etc. Let’s learn how Japanese caterers recommend to control yourself not to eat too much snacks or snacks without causing stress.

Keep your mind from eating little by little with 4 tricks from a Japanese caterer.

The amount of snacks that should be eaten each day

Many people when going into diet or diet mode tend to cut out snacks and snacks first. In fact, snacks and snacks Is food that makes people happy and relieves stress during the day. Even if the UFABET sugar and fat content is concerned, there’s no need to cut out snacking. But turning to eat snacks correctly in the amount of not more than 200 kcal per day, which can be easily measured from 1 cup of pudding, 2-3 cookies and 2-3 senbei, etc. However, some snacks do not indicate the amount of energy. On the packaging envelope, use the method of measuring from one palm, for example, 1 small piece of cream or bread and 2/3 of the chocolate bar, etc. The amount of energy from snacks will definitely exceed 200 kcal.

How to avoid eating too many snacks or snacks

Schedule a snack

Many people use their hands to pop snacks into their mouths all the time when reading or watching TV. which, if practiced until becoming a habit, would be difficult to fix and may result in weight gain Scheduled snack times can prevent fussy snacking.

Choose snacks that are small and individually wrapped.

Buying a big bag of snacks often ends up eating the whole bag out of regret and enjoyment. Purchasing snacks that come in packets or small packages will help you have better snacking restraint. Especially if keeping snacks separate out of reach.

Eat snacks with beverages that do not contain sugar.

Snacking along with beverages such as coffee or tea without sugar can help you feel satisfied. However, you should avoid sugary drinks or fruit juices as they increase the energy supply to the body.

Choose fruit and yogurt as a snack.

Cookies, chocolates, bread, cakes and other treats. They are usually high in carbohydrates, fat, and calories, unlike fruits (kiwi, bananas, strawberries, apples, etc.) and yogurt, which are low-calorie foods so you don’t have to worry about overloading your calories. Needs of the body. In addition, fruits contain vitamins and dietary fiber. And yogurt contains calcium that is valuable to the body.

In addition to being delicious, snacks and snacks make people feel happy and relaxed. So there’s no need to force yourself to avoid snacking. or feeling guilty when eating while on a diet Just eating in moderation according to the above recommendations will help us to be happy along with good health and good shape for a long time.